Gateway Foundations

Grow In Your Faith, Find Freedom,
& Discover your Purpose

Gateway Foundations

Gateway Foundations is a set of four groups and one event that will equip you to grow in your faith, find freedom, discover your redemptive purpose, and live the life that God created for you. 

These four groups meet twice a year in the Fall (starting late September) and Winter (starting late January), and will help you learn the basics of following Jesus, discover your God-given purpose, develop as a leader, find freedom, and use your gifts to make a difference.

Whether you are new to faith or have been in a church all your life, if you have never participated in one of these groups before – do not hesitate to sign up and take the next step in your walk with God.

Gateway Foundations Courses

The Alpha Course

New to faith? Have questions about life, God, and what all of this really is about? Alpha is an 11-week course that creates a safe space where you can explore all your questions about life, faith, and Jesus with friends. 

11 WEEKS | Fall & Winter

Soul Care

Often in our lives, we can find ourselves struggling with problems – burnout, fear, lies, anxiety, addictions – things that disrupt our lives and cause problems in our hearts. Things that Jesus wants to heal. Soul Care is an 8 week journey of freedom and healing, through which you will discover the wholeness and freedom that God has for your life. 

8 WEEKS | Fall & Winter

Bible Intro

Bible Intro is a class for anyone who has ever been confused by the bible and wants to understand it at a deeper level. Learn from Dan Taylor as he walks you through the development, history, and genres of the bible; helping you learn to read and appreciate God’s word on a deeper level.

8 WEEKS | Fall Only

Spiritual Gifts & Leadership

God has gifted all of us with different skills, abilities and passions – but often it can be difficult to understand these gifts and put them to work. Through this course, Dan Taylor will teach you how to recognize your spiritual gifts and how to develop your leadership abilities, as you step into the leadership God has for your life.

8 WEEKS | Winter Only

Upcoming Foundations Courses

Courses launch annually in late January & late September. If none are listed, or you are unable to register at this time, please check back in early January or September

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