Believe & Build

A 5 Year Plan to expand our capacity to bring people into encounters with the transformative presence of God

Our Commitment:

Over the next 5 years, we will… 

Be Debt-Free

Repaying all money currently owed
to the Alliance District Office & Banks

Be Generous

Giving 10% of our Income
to support missions both locally & globally


Building a 9176 sq ft addition
to accomodate the vision God has given us

1. Be Debt-Free

God is calling for His church to rise up, to be free from the constraints of debt, and to walk fully in the financial freedom He has for us. God does not intend for His church to continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year paying down debt – that money is intended to reach our city and world with the love of Christ.

We as a church will repay all our debts in full, and will use the additional finances God has given us to continue to carry out the mission of Jesus, reaching the lost with the love of Christ as we are a gateway for transformation and encounter in our city.

As part of our Debt-Free plan, Gateway is looking to sell a 2.6 acre parcel of unused land/field to the north of the church, which is estimated to sell for $2.0 – 2.6 million.

Estimated Cost: $2.4 million











2. Be Generous

Just as God has called His followers to be generous in giving the first 10% of our income to Him, trusting Him to ensure the remaining 90% is more than enough; we believe that God is calling us as a church to do the same.

Our hearts cry is to be generous, to give 10% of all the funds raised to support missions work both globally and locally, as we partner with others to better our community and the world.

Estimated Cost: $0.6 million

3. Build

God has placed a great vision on our hearts – to see this church grow, flourish and impact our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In order to be ready for what God is doing next in our midst, we need to expand and build – to increase the size of our facility, to find ways to utilize our land for the benefit of the community, to create a facility that facilitates encounters with God and transformation in Christ, as we prepare to step into the next season God has called us to.

The Vision

We long to be a center where people can come to find healing, prayer, deliverance and community; to have a facility that is of benefit to our church family and the Cumberland-Oxford community as a whole. We long to see dozens of Gateway Groups, prayer ministry groups, and community-led events taking place in our facility; for the benefit of both our church and the community around us.

Quick Facts

  • ~9176 Square Feet building expansion
  • Additional rooms for children’s ministry
  • Half-gym for youth & community groups
  • Group meeting rooms & prayer rooms
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Larger & more accessible washrooms
  • Conveniently located mothers rooms
  • New landscaping across the property
  • Repainting & renewing the exterior facade of the existing building
  • Pathway for community access across our property

Estimated Cost: $2.0-3.0 million

* No formal building quotes or designs have been completed at this time






Giving Progress

$2.0-2.6M Estimated from Land Sale
$6.0M Goal

Estimated Income from Land Sale – $2.0-2.6M
Current Donations – $151,000
Current Pledges – $350,000

All numbers are accurate as of March 1st, 2024