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Of Gateway Alliance Church

Gateway Membership

While “church member” is a term that is never mentioned in the Bible, the Bible frequently uses many illustrations to describe how Christians are meant to live in community. These images all highlight a simple reality – God created us for community. When a believer becomes a member of a particular church, they are making a covenant before God to become a participating member of the church body.

You are not required to become a member to be actively involved at Gateway Alliance Church, but by becoming a member you are officially joining the Gateway family.

Membership at Gateway is a one-year commitment that must be renewed annually in January/February.

Steps to Become a Member


Step 1
Attend Session 1 of Gateway Next

The first session of Gateway Next will provide you with all the information you need to know about Gateway’s history, vision, values & governance, and will prepare you for membership at Gateway Alliance Church.

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Step 2
Read the Membership Covenant & Agreement

The Membership Covenant & Agreement outline our covenant to you, your covenant to Gateway as part of our membership, as well as our statement of faith, purpose, and denominational policies on discipline & sexual misconduct 

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Step 3
Fill Out the Membership Application Form

By filling out the Membership Application Form, you are indicating your agreement with the preceeding policies and your desire to be a member at Gateway. Your application will be reviewed by church staff & the Gateway Board prior to final approval.

Membership Requirements

To be a member at Gateway, you must fulfill the Membership Requirements:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be baptized in water
  3. Completion of Step One of the Gateway Next Program
  4. Completion of the Gateway Membership Application Form
  5. Commitment and acceptance of the Alliance Canada Membership Agreement and the Gateway Membership Covenant

Membership at Gateway is a one-year commitment that must be renewed annually in February.  To continue your membership, all members are required to respond to the Membership Renewal form, and vote in the AGM (sent out via email in January/February).