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Gateway Outreach

We don’t want to be a church that is focused solely on what happens within our four walls – but a church that impacts our city and our world with the love of Christ. This is where our various Outreach partners & For Edmonton initiative comes in. 

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 For Edmonton

For Edmonton is an initiative to find creative ways to serve, bless, and impact the lives of people in the city of Edmonton. This includes service projects in our communities, and church fundraising opportunities to raise goods & awareness.

Our emphasis is on strategically supporting organizations within our city so we can help enable them to continue the good work God has doing called them to do.

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 For the World

We partner with a number of global organizations working to spread the love of Jesus in the far reaches of the earth.

Our goal is to strategically work with proven organizations that are not only sharing Jesus’ love, but also acting as the hands and feet of Jesus – providing food, shelter, clothing, safety, training & more to people across the globe in need.

As a church, we are committed to give 10% of every dollar received each year to support these organizations. 

To see any current or upcoming outreach opportunities (fundraising drives, etc), please visit Our Events Page, or check out our Outreach groups at


Our Local Partners

Bissell Centre

Bissell Centre is a non-profit organization that works with individuals and families to end poverty in our community; helping them move from poverty to cultural, social and economic prosperity.

We partner with Bissell Centre throughout the year through financial contributions.

COCL - Community League

We are actively partnering with our local community league, looking for ways to serve our community! This includes hosting community activities, programs & signups; providing land for a community garden, and various other initiatives to give back to our neighborhood.

Edmonton Food Bank

The Edmonton Food Bank is founded on a simple purpose – to relieve hunger today, and prevent hunger tomorrow. They deliver over 350,000 meals to over 25,000 people a month, working hands on to support people in need.

We partner with the Edmonton Food Bank throughout the year through financial contributions & our annual food drive fundraiser.

Hope Mission

Hope Mission is a non-profit Christian social care agency that cares for impoverished and homeless people across Alberta; providing them with basic and emergency care, as well as counselling, addiction and referral services.

We partner with Hope Mission throughout the year through financial contributions.

Mustard Seed Edmonton

The Mustard Seed is a non-profit Christian organization working to end homelessness and reduce poverty in Edmonton. They provide a haven where people can have their physical, mental and spiritual needs met and grow towards greater health and independance through basic & emergency care, health & wellness checks, housing opportunities, employment opportunities, and more.

We partner with the Mustard Seed throughout the year through financial contributions.

Resurgence Edmonton

Resurgence Edmonton is a non-profit Christian organization working to build the local church in Edmonton by offering non-denomintional worship services, outreach programs and more across our city. 

We partner with Resurgence throughout the year through the use of our facility for some of their worship nights.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House works to ease the financial and emotional burdens on families with seriously ill or injured children who are receiving treatment in Edmonton; providing them with housing, food and support while their child is in the hospital.

We partner with RMHC throughout the year through financial contributions and our Christmas Toy Drive.

Our Global Partners

C&MA - Local & Global Missions

Our church denomination, the Christian & Missionary Alliance, was founded on the principles of sending and supporting missionaries in far-away countries that are hostile to the message of Christ.

Each year, we contribute thousands of dollars to the C&MA to support ministries here in Canada and missionaries operating across the world as they spread the gospel.

If you would like to  give to  C&MA Missions, you can do so by donating to the Global Advance Fund or Canadian Ministries Fund  online (click here), or in-person by selecting the appropriate box on your offering envelope


IRIS Global

IRIS Global is a faith-based church movement operating in 29 countries globally to support thousands of churches, children centres, bible schools, church-based orphan care, education, medical care, evangelistic & healing outreaches, farming initiatives, well-drilling and more. Their vision is to bring the kingdom of God to the world through serving the very poor, destitute, lost, broken and forgotten. 

We partner with IRIS Global annually through recurring financial contributions


Missions Global

We are actively partnering with Stephen Hertzog, the director of Eurasian Missions  for Missions Global, who works hands-on to train, equip, and support churches and Christians throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Asia.

We partner with Stephen Hertzog throughout the year through financial contributions.

If you would like to  give to Missions Global, you can do so by donating to the Missions Global Fund online (click here), or in-person by selecting “Other” on your offering envelope & writing “Missions Global”

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