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Believing in Jesus is all about a personal relationship with God

Whether you have been following Jesus your whole life, or just made a decision to follow Him, we believe God has something more for your life. We all are on a journey of intentional progression towards God’s purpose for our life. Your life won’t magically become better – rather it’s a process of finding and taking your next step in your faith with Christ.



Read The Bible

The Bible is a great opportunity for us to meet God and allow Him to speak to us – but it can be scary to get started! A great way to get started is with a Bible Devotional – these devotionals are available for free to help you better understand your relationship with God and grow deeper in your faith.
If you are just getting started, challenge yourself to start by reading the bible for 10 minutes every day!



Prayer is the simple act of communicating with God – whether it is asking God to do things in our lives, bringing Him our problems and struggles, thanking Him for what He has done, or simply spending time in silence allowing Him to speak to us. Prayer is not a formula – it’s all about a relationship with God!


Don’t know where to start? Read the blog post below, and challenge yourself to take 10 minutes daily to share with God about your day.


Worship & Praise

It has been said that music is the universal language, helping people engage with one another and form relationships with one another. Praising God or worshipping God is the act of declaring that God is good and we trust Him. This can be as simple as thanking God for what He has done, declaring God’s goodness over your life and home, or even spending time singing, raising your hands, and dancing before the Lord.


If you are just getting started, challenge yourself to take 10 minutes daily to praise God – whether in prayer or through song. Don’t know where to start? Check out our worship playlist, curated for you!


Get Baptized

Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward reality that acts as a public display of your decision to follow Jesus. Like a marriage ring represents a commitment to your spouse for life, or a sports jersey that we wear indicating which team we belong to, baptism is an outward declaration of our commitment to Jesus, symbolizing the new life that we now have in Christ.
If you have never been baptized (or would like to get baptized again), sign up today!


Get In Community

We believe that growth happens in community! While community on a Sunday Morning (in person or online) is great, it is important that we find people who will walk alongside us and help us grow. Don’t know where to start? Here are some options:


  1. Find a Mentor – find someone you trust who is further along in their faith journey than you, and ask them to guide you and help you

  3. Join a Small Group – browse our groups directory at and meet new people who will challenge you and encourage you

  5. Sign up for Gateway Next – Next is a simple program built to help people get connected and grow in their faith! Check it out at

  7. Join A Team – Serving at Gateway is not just about doing things for God, but about getting connected and growing in your faith. Find ways to use your talents for the benefit of others by joining a team at


Learn More About Your Faith

Throughout the year, we host a number of different classes & events that are designed to help you connect with God and others while learning about different areas of life and our relationships with God. Some options include:


  1. Holy Spirit Encounter (twice annually on Wednesdays)
    This is a night focused on worshipping God, hearing His voice, and encountering His presence through spiritual activations, prayer, worship & prophecy

  3. Upper Room Nights (twice annually on Saturdays)
    This worship night is focussed solely on encountering God through praise & worship

  5. Gateway Classes (available during group semesters)
    These different groups are focused on helping you grow in your faith as you deal with soul issues & lies, learn about God’s character & nature, discover how to hear from God & grow in your relationship with God, and discover who God created you to be

Want to attend one of our events? Check out our upcoming events at, or our upcoming classes at and setting the Group Type to “Gateway Classes”


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