Grow In Your Faith

Take Your Next Step & Find God's Purpose For Your Life

Whether you have been following Jesus your whole life, or just made a decision to follow Him, we believe God has something more for your life. We all are on a journey of intentional progression towards God’s purpose for our life. Your life won’t magically become better – rather it’s a process of finding and taking your next step in your faith with Christ.

Here at Gateway, our goal is to give you every opportunity to take that next step in your relationship with Christ, while helping you find a community of believers to surround you and support you along the journey.

So we want to encourage you as you grow in your faith. Take a look at our upcoming Next Step opportunities, and prayerfully consider – what does God have for me next?

Step 1 – Discover God

Learn what it means to follow Jesus and commit your life to him


Step 2 – Grow in Your Faith

Get involved in community, events, and other learning opportunities to grow in your faith


Step 3 – Get Involved

Start serving on one of our teams and honor God with your time & finances


Step 1: Discover God

Decide to Follow Jesus
If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, congrats! We are so excited for you and would love to walk alongside you as you start on this journey of faith.

Making a personal decision to follow Jesus means that you’ve chosen to believe the Gospel: that God sent His only son to die for us, to give us forgiveness from our sins and eternal life. It is the beginning of a journey with God, and there are many things you can do to begin to grow in your faith as you continue your journey with God!

First thing to do: Let us know that you’ve made this decision! We would love to walk alongside you and support you in your journey of faith.

Start Your Journey with Christ
As you continue in your relationship with Christ, here are some basic tools to help you grow closer to God:

Get Baptized
Baptisms are an outward symbol of an inward reality, acting as a public display of your decision to follow Jesus. If you believe in Jesus but have never been baptized, this is a great next step in your journey of faith!

Step 2: Grow In Your Faith

Join Gateway Next
Gateway Next is a three-week program that is designed to challenge you and equip you with tools that will help you grow in your faith and encounter God on a deeper level, all the while discovering the unique person that God created you to be! This program is made up of three easy steps that will: 1) Help you connect with the church, 2) Help you grow in your faith, and 3) Help you discover & use your God-given talents to make a difference in the lives of others.

Get In Community
Life is better together! We were not created to do life alone, but rather God designed us to live in community. This is why we have Gateway Groups – we believe in community, and we want to help people find a community of friends that has the potential to change each of our lives.

Attend an Event
We have a number of mid-sized events where people can connect and grow deeper in their faith, life and gifts – all while making meaningful connections with one another! These include our EQUIP Leadership Training, Holy Spirit Encounter, Women’s Encounter, and Prayer & Prophecy Nights

Step 3: Get Involved

Serve on a Team
Discover who God made you to be while meeting new people, making lifelong friendships, and seeing lives changed. Signing up for a Gateway Team is one of the best ways to get involved at Gateway.

Whether it’s greeting guests on a Sunday or leading one of our groups, we’ll help you find the perfect team so you can start serving in your sweet spot!

Honor God with your Money
Your generosity changes lives, and is a visible measurement of the condition of our hearts – allowing us to recognize whether we trust God, or money.

Honouring God with the first 10% of our money is a concept known as tithing – it’s not about God taking your money, but rather it is about us giving back to God what already belongs to him. Giving is a really about trust – trusting that even when we give 10%, God will bless our 90% and ensure that it is enough.

Giving to Gateway is a great way to be a part of what God is doing in our church and to support our mission of seeing lives changed for Christ.